Jack the Nipper

  • Gremlin Graphics

  • FormatArcade & Video Game
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  • SystemMicrocomputer

Jack the Nipper as the title suggests, is of course a game with a baby as the main character. But Jack is no ordinary baby you see. Oh no!! He wants to be as naughty as he can BIG time. Yessiree!

The player controls Jack, a naughty child who wants to break the record for naughtiness (recorded on the "naughtyometer"Wyn James

So don't go looking for nice things to do during the game. In fact, you could say this is a really fun game to play doing naughty wicked things, because the more pranks that you pull off the better your score. However there is some puzzle solving to figure out.

The last time I played this I didn't complete it sadly, as I had so many other games to play as well. That's the problem when you collect too many games! Anyway, the game is very colourful and most enjoyable to play as well  The graphics are great with some monochrome screens and the sound is okay with the Spectrums capability.
It's a shame that Sir Clive Sinclair didn't provide better technology for the Spectrum's sound as it would have been the most popular computer of the 80s and 90s.

Having said that, the ZX Spectrum was a huge success despite the limited sound that it could produce and became quite popular, and had many fans of this amazing computer buying games that were being produced by the tenfold. I think that there were more games produced for the ZX Spectrum than any other at the time. No wonder I've collected so many games now! Haha. Jack the Nipper is a side-view flip screen game with puzzle solving and platform elements. The graphics are rendered in 2D, but an illusion of depth is achieved by allowing characters to move forward and back within the playing area.

The player controls Jack, a naughty child who wants to break the record for naughtiness (recorded on the "naughtyometer"). He needs to carry out various wicked pranks on the unsuspecting inhabitants of his town, but if he comes into contact by angry adults he will be spanked. With each spanking his "nappy rash" meter increases, and if it grows too high Jack loses a life. Contact with the monsters and ghosts which inhabit the town will also increase the nappy rash.

Sinclair User a magazine, described it as having a "Wallyish style reminiscent of Pyjamarama, running wild through the village, searching houses, shops and gardens for objects you can use to create havoc elsewhere", in an environment populated by "Beano"-type characters.

My Overall rating - 9/10
Playability: 90%
Graphics: 95%
Sound: 90

Review by Wyn James - @Hekatonchieres

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  • Gremlin Graphics

  • FormatArcade & Video Game
  • TypePlatform
  • SystemMicrocomputer

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