Could you be a Content Creator for GamesYouLoved?


GamesYouLoved are looking for writers like you! are growing their retro gaming community and we are looking for aspiring writers / content creators who love video games to become part of our team.

Get in contact to find out more:  

We are are looking for a wide range of talents from writing retro game reviews covering the Atari 2600 to the SEGA Dreamcast, with articles on any subject of retro games.

You could even be visiting gaming events to write on behalf of GamesYouLoved where you can take in the atmosphere and experience the world of retrogaming.

We want you to be part of the ever growing retrogaming story in the UK and beyond, and the journey we have in making the retro gaming community grow across a wide range of channels. Over the last few years we have been an internal team of writers, but also we have had a massive contribution from the gaming community to make our website, the site it is today.

We are looking to build on this even further in 2016 and beyond, and make it the go-to place for retro gaming articles, blogs, reviews and even new photos and video. We want to make the site engaging, regularly updated and full of fun and creative content.

As a community brand we can provide you exposure to a massive social community we have on Twitter, Facebook and also Instagram and YouTube which we use to promote our website and our contributors profiles - so you can benefit from this too.

We are also looking to build a 'Contributors' Team page area where if you like we can profile you on the page, with links to your own channels.  This will raise your own online profile for future job roles, general profile and accessing other networks in the gaming and journalistitic industries.

The role is non-monetary as it stands and on a voluntary basis - however if you make yourself a key and regular contributor we would look to reward you with free tickets to chosen gaming and comic events, samples of gaming products and access to games where available.

The key thing to the role is it can be done in your spare time and we are very flexible about the subjects covered and themes you come up with. We are open to ideas!

If you have a true passion for retro games and want to be part of our ever growing site please send an email to to find out more.

Look forward to catching up and to hearing from you. GamesYouLoved Team 

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