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GamesYouLoved - our vision for retro gaming

Imagine you were young again, back in time where you could play and see all the games you wanted - the ones you had or didn't have.  At GamesYouLoved we want to make that happen for us, you and everyone.

We launched GamesYouLoved in 2012 originally on Facebook with a huge passion for classic gaming and nostalgic reminders across all eras and many genres from video games, handhelds and boardgames and even the more traditional games

This site officially launched in early 2013 and its been an amazing journey since.

We want you to be part of the journey we are going to take...  

For us this is just the beginning and whilst we have started the site and have begun the games reviews and other areas such as our news, articles, video and wide coverage on social media - we want you to be part of it too!

Also if you want to send us any other suggestions for our artciles and other ideas for video on our YouTube channel and other channesl on social media (anything!) that would help improve the site or areas you would like us to include, please email us at ideas@gamesyouloved.com

The more we can achieve together the richer the experience we can have!
We would also love to hear your ideas and memories of the gaming past, when you think or see something that brings it all back to you...

You can do this quickly and easily via any of our social channels:

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