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There are a few ways you can find retro games and gaming hardware on this site:

  1. Use the Search on the top right of the page (magnifying glass icon) to look a game name. You can also look for other searchable words to help you find things - fo example, look for you favourite game year like 1985 or specifically the game name - like Star Wars Arcade - a console type like SNES, or a even a manufacturer name like SEGA.

    With any other games genres - like Card Games, Traditional games, Board games, Role Playing Games and Outdoor Games we have the category pages for you to enjoy. We'll be adding more pages to these as the site develops and you can get involved too. 
  2. You can also search by game genres from the home page by selecting from the main categories on the main game selection page

If you would like to send us any games 'YOU' loved or still love, we would be delighted to add them to the site for you and us to enjoy and share with our thousands of followers on social media! - please follow our three steps to do this (click this link)


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What is GamesYouLoved?

GamesYouLoved is born out of a love of games of every description from your childhood - we love games and play them every day!

By being reminded of the games and the fun and enjoyment you had in your youth through photos and video, you can also see what other people around the world say about them. We want to hear your memories to share and enjoy with other retro gamers around the world.

You will find us here but also across a wide range of social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vine & Pinterest. We are very active in the retrogaming community and attend and promote gaming events across the world.

Is this site designed for you?

GamesYouLoved is for everyone who has ever played a game in the past and that must include you! As everyone has been brought up in different era's as it's different for everyone. We are all retrogamers at heart.

How do you find the games you loved?

You can easily search for any retro game from any memories by typing in the game name, console, type and year i.e 1985 in our search on the top right hand corner of every page or if you are on a phone the press on the 'magnifying glass icon' on the top right hand corner.

What if you can't find the games you loved?

You can try another game search (as it may have not picked up the correct term) - however the game you are looking for might not be up as as we are always adding new games.

We would also love to hear your ideas and memories of the gaming past, when you think or see something that brings it all back to you. We regulary publish articles from people who play classic games from all over the world in our news and blog section.

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